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10.8 The Rift: Secondary Locations

[9.L] Altar in the Woods: Autumnshade

Deep in the Autumnshade forest, a Fire Mage is experimenting at an altar, surrounded by old and forgotten ceremonial stones. Slay the magician, picking up any of the Dwemer artifacts you wish, as well as a Skill Book.

Skill Book [Restoration]: Racial Phylogeny

[9.M] Dragon Mound: Autumnshade Woods

Related Quest: Main Quest: Bleak Falls Barrow

This Dragon Mound is initially sealed. It opens during Main Quest: Bleak Falls Barrow, and if you visit during or after this point in the Main Quest, the mound will be open and empty.

[9.N] Hunters’ Camp: Autumnshade Hills

On the higher and rockier terrain southeast of Autumnshade Clearing is a small hunters’ camp tucked away in the hills. There are two hunters here, and a Skill Book rests inside one of their tents.

Skill Book [Archery]: The Gold Ribbon of Merit


[9.O] Troll Den: Rkund

Due west of the Ruins of Rkund is an old Nordic barrow entrance built into the side of the Jerall Mountains. However, this location hasn’t been excavated and is home to a ferocious troll.


[9.P] Wild Animal Den: Crystaldrift Cave

A little farther east from the Crystaldrift Cave entrance is another indent in the Jerall Mountains—an animal den with few items of note. You may be attacked by a Skeever during your brief exploration.

[9.Q] Dragon Mound: Lost Tongue Pass

Related Quest: Main Quest: Diplomatic Immunity

This Dragon Mound is initially sealed. It opens during Main Quest: Diplomatic Immunity. If you visit during or after this point in the Main Quest, the mound will be open and empty. Perhaps this is the dragon that now rules the ruin of Lost Tongue Overlook on the hill above?

[9.R] Wild Animal Den: Shor’s Stone

Southeast of Shor’s Watchtower, along the path that runs north-south along the base of the Velothi Mountains, is a rocky hillock with a wolf den. Expect some items to find on the corpse of a bandit in the back of the den.

[9.S] Trappers’ Dilemma

In the woods to the east of Fort Greenwall is a rusting cage with a wolf in it. If you open the cage, the trappers return and attack! Fend them off with the wolf’s help. If the wolf survives, it flees to the nearby wolf den [9.R].

[9.T] Miner’s Camp: Velothi Mountains

The vicious blizzards that race across the snow-swept peaks above the Rift have killed and half buried a lone miner. Nearby are two veins to attack with your pickaxe (or use the one nearby). Go west from the miner to find a Skill Book lying near the skeletal remains of another unfortunate soul.

Skill Book [Destruction]: The Art of War Magic

Mineable ore (Moonstone, Quicksilver)

[9.U] The Three Sentinels

The road leading north from Riften’s North Gate and the Riften Stables is flanked by these three wooden watchtowers, where a small contingent of city guards keep watch for any sign of a bandit raid. At the top of each tower is a chest of items the guards have confiscated from brigands. Pick the lock, and you can help yourself.

Chests (Locked: Adept) (3)

[9.V] Shrine of Zenithar: Fallowstone

Along the road north of Riften, just beyond the Three Sentinels [9.U], the road forks. Instead of taking either fork, look up the hill to the east, where you can find a small ruin. Defeat the wild animal that guards it, and you can pray at this makeshift Shrine to Zenithar. Take any offerings you wish.

Shrine of Zenithar [5/5]


[9.W] Tumbledown Tower: Riften Outskirts

There’s a reason one of Riften’s gates has been sealed; farther along the old road east of town are the remains of a fallen tower, where you can find a couple of bandits picking through the rubble.

Chest (Apprentice)

[9.X] Burning Farmhouse

Along the southern border, at the foot of the Jerall Mountains, is a small farmhouse burning merrily. Though you may think it the work of a dragon, inspect the summoning circle and the charred remains of a farmer clutching a Scroll of Conjure Flame Atronach to reveal how a familiar set fire to this abode. A Skill Book is hidden inside the hollow fallen log near the cabin.

Skill Book [Destruction]: Horrors of Castle Xyr


[9.Y] Frost Troll Den: Jerall Mountain Ridge

Look up at the precarious path, and you may see a flag up on a high ridge. Follow the bloodstained snow switchback around to an exposed Frost Troll’s den. Slay the beast; the blood comes from the corpse of a miner. A Skill Book is hidden beneath an animal carcass. Skill Book [Block]: A Dance in Fire, v2

Strongbox (Apprentice)

Loose gear

[9.Z] Two Pine Ridge

Clamber the steep slopes from Stendarr’s Beacon to find a pair of pine trees on a rocky ridge. Below one is a miner’s bedroll. Look closely for a Skill Book.

Skill Book [Sneak]: 2920, Last Seed, v8

Mineable ore (Iron)