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21.12 Southfringe Sanctum, Treva's Watch, & Valthume

Southfringe Sanctum

Entrance Cavern: Defeat the Spellsword at the entrance, and kill any other foes (except for Pumpkin the fox, in the small cage) as you head up the interior cavern slope.

Spider Cave: Continue through interlocking tunnels, and defeat all Frostbite Spiders when they swarm you.

Spider Warren: Selveni Nethri is tied up in spiderwebs in the center of the Sanctum. Hack or burn the web away. She explains that Bashnag’s coven chased her out and left her for dead down here. Tell her to wait while you clear out the rest of the cave.

Miscellaneous Objective: Help Selveni Nethri escape the cave

Bashnag’s Coven: Kill anything you meet between Nethri and a confrontation with the Warlock Bashnag. Then explore the rest of the Sanctum and leave no enemy alive. Feel free to loot the place.

Spider Warren: Return to Selveni Nethri, tell her it is safe to exit, and follow her to the entrance cavern and out into Skyrim.

Treva’s Watch: Infiltration

Treva’s Watch Exterior

Exterior Road: Meet Stalleo and his bodyguards camped out to the east of the fortification, close to the bridge. He has been forced out of his home by men loyal to Brurid, one of his rivals. Agree to help him, and begin this quest.

Objective: Use the back door to gain access to Treva’s Watch

Treva’s Watch

Entrance: You meet bandits on this sloped tunnel. Burn them all by firing an arrow at the oil lamp above them, or attack normally. Now work your way through this structure, slaying bandits along the way. A pile of corpses in the barrel room indicates where forces loyal to Stalleo have been slaughtered. There is a bandit chief to slay, but killing and exploring are optional.

Exterior Courtyard: Move to the ground-level exit to the east, open it, and pull the lever in the small wooden lean-to just outside the door. This opens the previously impenetrable main gates, retracting the spears blocking Stalleo and his men.

Objective: Meet up with Stalleo in the courtyard

Continue the fight in the courtyard (pulling the lever before or after you defeat the remaining bandits) and meet up with Stalleo when the coast is clear. He asks if you’ve seen his family (you haven’t) and rewards you for your help.

Items gained:

Spell Tome: Detect Life

Valthume: Evil in Waiting

Valthume Vestibule (Interior)

When you first enter this evil-stained place, a ghost named Valdar approaches. It explains that you stand in the tomb of Hevnoraak, and he may have returned. Valdar has been barely containing his power and hopes you’ll explore the tomb and find three vessels that hold the power to vanquish Hevnoraak. Agree to this mission as Valdar sits back down on the throne where he died.

Objective: Collect the Vessels (3)

Expect numerous traps and attacks by Draugr and Frostbite Spiders as you search the interlocking chambers of this crypt. The specter of Hevnoraak intermittently appears and drifts off; you cannot affect this ethereal being, but its significance means you’re making progress.


The first Vessel is inside the coffin of a high-level Draugr, in a dead-end chamber to the east, with open (but inaccessible) wind tunnels up to the surface.

Items gained:

Opaque Vessel

Valthume Catacombs

The second Vessel is through the portcullis (check the wall alcove to the right for the pull chain) in the northwest corner of the vertical Draugr crypt, toward the center of this section of Valthume.

Items gained:

Opaque Vessel

Valthume Vestibule

Continue to fight your way through more Draugr and Frostbite Spiders. Your way is temporarily blocked by a Nordic Puzzle Door.

Items gained:

Iron Claw

Puzzle Solution: The door consists of three rings that rotate when you activate them. Each of the them have three animals plated into the structure. The central keyhole is unlocked using the Iron Claw; this puzzle is inaccessible without it, as the puzzle solution is on the palm of the Iron Claw. Rotate it in your inventory to see the three circular petroglyph carvings on the Claw’s palm. Move the rings so the Dragon, Hawk, and Wolf appear on the outer, middle, and inner rings, respectively. Then insert the Iron Claw into the keyhole.

Just beyond the door is a battle with Draugr guarding a pedestal with the last Vessel on it. Don’t forget to approach the Word Wall to the west, and absorb a Word of Power.

Items gained:

Opaque Vessel
Word of Power: Aura Whisper

Objective: Perform the ritual with Valdar


Back in the throne room close to the entrance, Valdar informs you that the vessels contain the Dragon Priest’s blood. Emptying them into the nearby sconce is likely to remove any chance Havnoraak has of regaining his former powers. Oblige Valdar by pouring out the three vessels and then sit on the throne.

Objective: Defeat Hevnoraak

Slay this Dragon Priest, concentrating on cutting him down, rather than the Storm Thralls he summons. The quest concludes once this battle ends and Valdar has spoken to you, urging you to take the iron mask. This is part of Side Quest: Masks of the Dragon Priests*.

Items gained: